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Here’s a special offer exclusively for readers and fans of Fix Your Period. If you want to have thriving hormones and pain-free periods, read on…

Haven’t got the book yet? Waiting for it to arrive in the mail? Not sure you want to purchase the book just yet? 

Don’t delay! You can get started fixing your period right now with this complete toolkit. 

Meet the creator of the Fix Your Period Toolkit and author of Fix Your Period

Nicole Jardim

Nicole Jardim – Certified Women’s Health Coach, author of Fix Your Period and co-host of The Period Party Podcast – teaches you how to Fix Your Period so you can have the freedom and health you deserve.

Also known as The Period Girl, Nicole helps you decode your body and your period, so you can finally take back control of your hormonal health.

“I designed this toolkit to do two things:

1. Help women and menstruators who haven’t yet read my book to start down a healthy hormone path.

2. To be a goodie basket full of resources for those who have the Fix Your Period book and are ready to take action!

Fixing your period isn’t as hard as it’s made out to be. This kit is full of quick start solutions that prove that.” -Nicole

The Fix Your Period process has worked for thousands of women and menstruators just like you.

“Nicole is a lifesaver and angel! I will forever be grateful for how she has helped make my life mine again! With the most gratitude, thank you from the bottom of my heart Nicole, you truly have changed my life! “

— Desiree P

Maple Grove, Minnesota

Now that you’ve read the book and got the answers you’ve been searching high-and-low for…

It’s time to grab your

complimentary toolkit

And start getting the results doctors told you would never happen

The workbook

Fix Your Period Workbook

with a step-by-step roadmap of the book to walk you through fixing your period as if Nicole were sitting right beside you.

Tool Kit Essentials

the period quiz

The Fix Your Period Quiz and custom period problem report

that reveals the root cause of your period problems.

Find out what your hormones are trying to tell you.

As chapter 1 reveals in the Fix Your Period book, your period is your body’s way of informing you of what’s going on with your hormones. This custom report interprets all of the messages your body has been sending you.

How-To Guides

All the diagrams, tools, and “How-To Guides” from the book

on the most requested topics like CBD for Your Period Pain, DIY Castor Oil Packs, Vaginal Steaming, and Seed Cycling.

CBD Info Guide – get savvy on knowing the best option for you and your body
DIY Castor Oil Packs – the tried-and-true pain solving method made easy
Vaginal Steaming – the best kept secret for regulating menstruation and easing period cramps and bloating
Seed Cycling – discover the hidden benefits of timing your consumption of seeds and nuts to help create thriving hormones throughout the month

Living in Harmony with Your Cycle – optimize your life according to your cycle, begin to pay attention to your symptoms during each phase — how you feel physically and emotionally — begin to pay attention to the signs and symptoms from your body during each phase

If you want to fast track what the 6 week protocol taught in the Fix Your Period book, these guides will get you there.

Audio Downloads

An audio recording of the first chapter from the book

Perfect for on-the-go listening and audio learners to grab the foundational concepts that the Fix Your Period book covers in-depth.

-Find out what “period literacy” is and why it’s essential you learn to “read” your period
-Understand the 3 hormones that create chaos with your moods and cycles when they aren’t supported properly
-Get clear on what fixing your period really means – naturally

Workbook & Toolkit

A FREE bundle of resources to help guide you in revitalizing your hormones and health - naturally. Just fill out the form!

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