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My period

completely disrupts my life and I don’t know how to fix it."

Your life is put on pause over and over. And you feel trapped (hell, betrayed) by your own body.


Because you’re dealing with this assortment of BS month in, month out:

nicole jardim crmaps

Having a full-blown identity crisis because your moods are all over the place, and you don’t even know who you are when you’re having your period…

Having to ditch your favorite jeans and wear loose-fitting pants because your stomach has swelled to 3x its normal size…

Being embarrassed to show your face in public because your skin has broken out in angry, sore pimples…

Fighting to get out of bed in the morning because you’re so damn tired you feel like you have mono. Sitting still in one place is a dangerous game because you could fall asleep at any moment…

And you can’t even get a good night’s rest because you risk waking up to a crime scene in your bed. Even with a massive pad, ultra tampon and old towels under your butt…

Cramps so intense you feel like you’re being kicked in the gut, repeatedly. You curl up in bed, welcome all distractions and wait for the worst to pass…

You never know whether your period will gush forth during date night/vacation/important work meeting (typical)…

Or if it will show up at all, and you miss it when it doesn’t come because it could be gone for months. There’s just no way of knowing.

Girl, you deserve a freakin’ medal. And it’s no wonder you pretty much hate everything about being a woman at the moment.

Right now

You’re in one of 3 places

pulling hair out
nicole jardim crmaps (1)
You just know that

Something is not right in your body but you don’t know what.

And everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked. 

So that means:



Having no control majorly sucks.

But your doctor doesn’t have a handle on the situation either. You expect a thorough explanation of what’s up with your periods, right?

Instead, you’re rushed out of their office with a “yeah, that’s normal” and a prescription that does nothing but slap a Band-Aid on your symptoms.

And potentially adds more problems to your list. (Yep, I’m giving hormonal birth control some serious side-eye here!). 

It takes everything you’ve got to hold back from yelling “Look, can you stop talking over me and help me?!”.

Or any tests you have come back “normal”. But you know better than anyone that something’s wrong.

nicole jardim crmaps (2)

So when the quick-fix “solutions” your doctor throws at you aren’t helping, who do you turn to next?

Dr. Google, who you now spend more time with than your partner. You spend what little energy you have typing out your symptoms and drowning in the info-ocean. And each time you search, there’s the hope that maybe there’s something you missed last time.

Something that will magic-wand your periods into submission. Because there’s got to be something else you can try. Surely. Because you can’t carry on like this. 

And because “every woman has to go through it, you’re not the only one”, nobody understands why you hunt for a solution. 

You’re researching like crazy because

You don’t want the problem to get worse leading to this scenario:

You’re back in the doctor’s office, heart thumping. 

Your eyes are trained on the wall clock but you’re not really seeing it.

Because all you can think about is your test results. 

Your feet are fidgeting with each other under the beige, plastic chair as your test results load up on the computer.

The doctor’s quiet. Too quiet. A “don’t want to break bad news” kind of quiet.

A deep breath and then you hear the words:

“I’m afraid we’ve found something.”

The bottom line is this: no woman should have to lay awake at 3am, feeling alone and imagining the worst case scenario. No woman should spend hours online trying to stop her worst fears in their tracks.

You deserve so much better. When will you get to savor that champagne-popping moment of “hell yeah, finally cracked it!”?

nicole jardim crmaps (5)
nicole jardim crmaps (3)
nicole jardim crmaps (4)

It's about time

Your fresh, sparkly life is well overdue already:

All the time and energy you were spending clicking through Google is now spent enjoying every moment with your loved ones

That pesky period calendar is now in the trash so you can say yes to a lunch date without hesitating (and my god, is that a great feeling)

You feel brave enough to step out in light colors, because you’re no longer expecting to be caught off guard

Your period is no longer the Ultimate Champion of hide-and-go-seek

You’re getting back to the person you were before period symptoms shackled you. Even better, you feel like you’re fun to hang out with again

The days when you were curled up in bed and feeling like an elephant was sitting on your uterus are well and truly behind you (high five!)

You’re feeling sexy in your own skin and make the moves on your partner regularly. And you remember how much intimacy you were missing out on before

Your home no longer has a chunk of every month where the #1 chore for the whole family is: DO NOT trigger a meltdown of plate-smashing proportions

Your passion and energy has burst forth from its slumber and squashed that “flat” feeling you had about life

You now look ahead to the next phase of your life and feel excited. Whether that’s trying to get pregnant, buying a house, starting a business, [insert other life-changing decisions here]

Total freedom to be yourself and do whatever you want without periods holding you back

You feel powerful and ready to handle whatever comes next (because if you can fix your period, you can do anything!)

You’re in sync with your natural rhythms and so healthy your body almost hums

You’re back in control of your body and cycle instead of feeling helpless and confused (so empowering, right?)

I promise you that a life free from period problems is well within reach. But before I can show you how, there are some things we need to clear up first…

3 BS "Facts"

that could be blocking your path to a healthier period right now

Ok. This is stuff that gets thrown around a lot. So it’s not surprising that most of us end up believing it (I used to believe these “facts” too).

nicole jardim crmaps (6)

#1 “My condition runs in my family so I was destined to get it too”

If your mother had the same issue…and your grandma had the same issue…and your great-grandma had the same issue, it doesn’t mean there’s no hope for you. Your genes are just the foundation. What matters is how you live your life – that’s what really determines how your genes will manifest. 

Truth: You have way more control over this than you’ve been led to believe.​

#2 “Period problems aren’t fixable - it’s just a natural part of being a woman”

I can’t even. Let’s set this straight: period misery is not normal, and it doesn’t have to be a mandatory part of your story. Sure, issues with our periods may well be statistically normal (sadly) but they are NOT biologically normal. This is not the way your body was designed to function. 

Truth: They are fixable, thank you very much. No matter how messed up your periods are, there is help for you that doesn’t have to come from a pharmacy or prescription.

#3 “My doctor can’t do anything else for me and said there’s nothing I can do”

With period health, doctors tend to favor “quick-fix” solutions to treat the immediate symptoms. It’s not exactly a “look at the whole picture and see how the symptoms are connected” approach.

Hormonal birth control is usually the go-to option. Because fake hormones will fix your real hormones, right? Er, no. That’s like slapping a Band-Aid on a broken knee.

The problem is that no two women’s bodies are the same and traditional medicine takes on a one-size-fits-all approach. So we ultimately feel unhappy and are left wondering why the treatments aren’t working. Or why the lab tests came back “normal” even though we know something is definitely wrong.

Truth: We don’t need a great deal of medical intervention to be healthy. And we certainly don’t need to medicate our cycles. No, we just need a better understanding of how our bodies work so we know what it needs. Instead of suffering away with no end in sight.

Nicole Jardim Webinar
Periods and Hormones 101: The life-altering info we should have been told


Your body and your menstrual cycle are not as complicated as you’ve been led to believe


Hormones, your body’s chemical messengers, interact with one another all day long and are responsible for almost everything that happens in your body (and we thought they only popped up during puberty, periods and menopause!)


Your menstrual cycle is governed by a few key hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone), and the symptoms you’re experiencing right now are probably linked to an imbalance among them. In fact, hormone imbalance is often the root cause of period issues.

When we understand how vital our hormones are, it’s no surprise that we feel terrible physically and emotionally when they’re imbalanced.

Your body is not at war with you, even though it sure feels that way

Your body is doing everything it’s supposed to, believe it or not. When you’re dealing with a heavy period, non-existent periods and other joyful symptoms, your body is trying to tell you in its own way that something’s out of whack.

The problem is that the message gets lost in translation: we aren’t taught how to “read” our own bodies and understand what it’s telling us.

Once we get in tune with our body’s messages, we can see the whole picture and make the lifestyle changes we need to re-balance our hormones… and start saying goodbye to period symptoms.

This is your turning point (there’ll be some initial growing pains but it’s so worth it):

It’s time for a little pep talk.

To move forward with getting your periods sorted, we first need to place you firmly behind the wheel.

Because here’s the thing: outsourcing your health hardly ever works. Nobody can know your body better than you.

To go from being a victim to the heroine of your period story, you need to give yourself a promotion: appoint yourself the designer… or the architect… or the queen (my fave!) of your life, your health and your healing journey.

Trust that you have so much more control over this than you think, and you have the power to rewrite your story.

Believe me, it is much more motivating to feel you’re taking steps towards a healthy life for yourself instead of running from discomfort, pain and other symptoms. 

Now you’re in the driver’s seat…

You’re empowered to make change and take control of your body and healing…

You don’t need somebody to swoop in and save you.

I get that this can feel scary and overwhelming. But you won’t go it alone.

Ladies, we have so got this.

nicole jardim crmaps (8)
nicole jardim crmaps (9)
nicole jardim crmaps (10)


Your doctor’s solutions fail you because:


Google fails you because:

nicole jardim crmaps (12)

You need a holistic, “all bases covered” action plan that helps you identify and fix the root cause

Which brings me to the...

Fix Your Period Protocol

A comprehensive, easy to follow process you can use to:

Get a complete overview of your health so you won’t be in the dark about your symptoms any longer

Overcome confusion about how all the parts of your body work together... which will ultimately unlock the root cause and how to fix it (yay!)

Make confident, informed decisions about what your body needs (knowledge is power, ladies)

Take control of your body, become your own Period Expert and an active participant in your health

Optimize key areas of your health piece by piece, knowing you’ve missed nothing important

Join forces with your body’s in-built healing mechanisms instead of battling them (no fake hormones or medication in sight)

Break free from the cycle of period misery: suffering with hellish symptoms and fearing you’ll be going through this your whole life

Ignite lasting hormonal balance with healthier periods... and enjoy a more balanced life that doesn’t carry the burden of period worries


Nicole Jardim,
AKA The Period Girl.

I understand all too well what it’s like to suffer with horrendous periods and make multiple fruitless visits to different doctors (I saw 16!). I took the Pill, like so many of us, to “fix” my body. All while not knowing what was wrong and how to solve my symptoms properly (i.e. without “band-aid” treatments).

Finally, a “I’ll try anything” visit to my friend’s acupuncturist revealed that the Pill was causing my symptoms, and that my hormones were seriously messed up. So I set about educating myself and adopting a holistic approach instead of a medicated one. And I got my life back! It then became my mission to show other women how to do the same.

Fast forward to now: I’m a Certified Women’s Health Coach, writer, speaker, mentor, and the creator of Fix Your Period: a series of programs that empower women to reclaim hormone health using a method that mixes evidence-based information with a sprinkling of simplicity and sass.

Tens of thousands of women around the world have massively improved their lives using my method, and been able to address a wide variety of period problems including PMS, irregular periods, PCOS, painful and heavy periods, missing periods and many more.

That’s because I’ve carefully designed this method to discover and treat the root cause of your symptoms, without taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach. To heal your hormone imbalance, it’s critical that we tailor the solution to your body’s needs.


From Periodistas

Doors are opening for one time only to...

Fix Your Period Live - 8 Week Group Coaching Immersion:

Crafted to help you kick-start natural hormonal balance and achieve healthier periods in just 8 weeks... so you can finally ditch quick-fix treatments and kick that pesky Google habit

Designed to address the root cause of a wide range of hormone and period problems


Inside Fix Your Period Live, you’ll get:

A 1-hour Zoom call with me every week for 8 weeks,

split into 40 mins for teaching the Fix Your Period Protocol and 20 mins to answer all your questions. So you won’t have to go it alone - I’ll be there to support and guide you every step of the way.

Lifetime access

to the replay recordings for each call, and all the resources and handouts included in each part of the training. So you can revisit and refresh yourself on the content as many times as you like!

Extra teaching from surprise guest experts

where the topics will be decided by YOU


7 value-packed modules from my new book,
Fix Your Period:

A foundational “road map” module

to build a holistic picture of where your body is at. This module will set you up for success from the start, by leading you through your menstrual cycle from start to finish. The days of playing guessing games with your body and feeling confused about how your hormones impact your health will be well and truly behind you.

6 comprehensive, science-backed Fix Your Period modules

that work through a key area of your health each week to address the root causes of your period problems. Each week you’ll learn a key contributor to hormonal balance, the role it plays in your period symptoms and you’ll have everything you need to know for your body to run at its best.

The science-y stuff you’ll be learning about your body is presented in a non-overwhelming and easy to grasp manner (because clinical textbook speak kinda sucks, am I right?).

These modules will give you specific diet and lifestyle changes you can make immediately to start moving the needle on your most frustrating symptoms.

From Periodistas

“Nicole has become my go to for all things female hormone related. She is extremely knowledgeable with the science of it all, but she makes the information SO easy to understand that it actually gets you super excited about truly knowing and understanding your cycles and your body. What I think I love most, is that she is extremely caring and sensitive. She knows that this stuff is so filled with emotion and Nicole wholeheartedly believes in her clients’ ability to achieve hormonal balance. This alone can change everything for a woman.”

Erin S.
Life & Fitness Coach, and author of Mantras In Motion
“The results that I have seen since going through the FYP program are amazing! I have no cramps at all! Not even a little ache! Bloating (which I wasn’t even aware that I was having until after not having it) is gone! Headaches gone! Cravings are gone! I realized the tiredness was due to insomnia that was happening and now is not! My energy levels are higher than ever! I don’t crash in the middle of the day. And my mood swings, while they are still happening, are not nearly as extreme as they were. The improvements made during this program are not a change in diet. It’s a lifestyle change. And it’s one that is definitely worth making!”
Tarin A, Doula
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

The Plan

What we’ll be working on each week:

Note: The training is designed to build momentum with each week’s work building on the last. We’re putting together a strong support system for your hormones here. So it won’t be as strong if we skip a step. 

Week 0

Week 0

Kickoff and Goal Setting

This week will be all about arming you with the right mindset to take on the next 8 weeks. You’ll get a full breakdown of the Fix Your Period protocol and how the program works. And we’ll be getting you settled into your new role as Period Expert.

By the end of this week, you’ll feel empowered and ready to kick some ass (go, girl!). You’ll be confident in the knowledge that you are in control of your body and health. Confident that you have the tools to start improving your health. And confident that you are your own health advocate. You’ll also set clear goals to work towards.


Week 1

Week 1

Mapping the Menstrual Cycle

Ok, so you’ve done an awesome job of imagining the future you want to work towards. And now you’re going to add another important piece to that foundation you’re building. 

Trying to fix your hormones and periods without getting to grips with your cycle…is like dashing out the door without shoes on. So, to get the most out of the next few weeks you need to get up close and personal with your cycle. It’s that “learning how to read your body” thing that we talked about earlier.  

Knowing what’s normal for you puts you a step ahead – because you’ll catch on pretty fast when something is up with your periods. Which buys you time to address and fix the problem before it has the chance to develop into anything more serious. 

Plus, you’ll totally be able to nerd out over the data by doing a before and after comparison once you’ve finished the program. Imagine how cool it would be to look back and see a massive improvement!


Week 2

Week 2

Enlist the Power of Food to Feed Your Hormones

Proud of you! You’re now well on your way to becoming fluent in all things cycle tracking (or you’re at least coming round to the idea!). 

But we aren’t quite done with the foundations yet. This week is all about eating the right foods to support your hormonal health. We’re starting with this because the number one cause of hormonal imbalances, period problems, and fertility issues is a lack of the right nutrients in our diets.

Not to get all teacher on you, but without completing the work in this module, everything that’s coming up in the rest of the program will kinda crumble – because there won’t be a strong enough foundation to build on. That’s how important this week is. 

You’ll get all the details on how different foods affect you, then you’ll start nourishing your body with all the nutrients it needs to produce hormones properly. It will include yummy recipes to get you started!

This week, you’ll also:

Week 3

Week 3

Step off The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

You’re on a roll! So far, you’ve become more tuned in to your body through cycle tracking and food. Amazing. So now you’ll be moving on to improving your blood sugar levels.

My fellow gals with a sweet tooth won’t like this, but the bottom line is that sugar and other refined carbohydrates can seriously affect your endocrine system and wreak hormonal havoc. You wouldn’t think something like a cookie could impact your ovaries. Unfortunately, it does (but cookies are so yummy! I hear ya.) It’s a cruel joke that we crave sweet things around the time of our periods.

So you’ll be powering through getting off that roller coaster and stabilizing your blood sugar. You’ll get a checklist of symptoms to find out if you have balanced or unbalanced blood sugar. 

This week, you’ll:

Week 4

Week 4

Fix Your Gut, Fix Your Hormones

Let’s take all that food and blood sugar work you’ve done and add some gut fixing into the mix. You’re doing well! 

This week is all about upgrading your gut function so you get the best results from the eating habits you’ve set up over the last two weeks. Because even if your eating habits are the best ever, it won’t improve your hormone health if your stomach can’t properly digest all the nutritious food you’re giving it.

So we’re going to optimize your digestion by increasing the number and diversity of your “good gut bugs” and plug any leaks in your gut lining.

And you’ll be starting the Fix Your Period elimination diet this week and sticking with it for the next 28 days. Cutting out foods that create the most inflammation is the best way to create a better environment for those good gut bugs, and ease any irritation of your gut lining so it can start healing. I know an elimination diet sounds overwhelming so I’ll be pitching in to give you extra support and motivation with this.

You’ll get:

Week 5

Week 5

Love Up Your Liver

Tracking your cycle, check. Eating the right foods to support hormones, check. Balancing blood sugar, check. Fixing your gut, technically a check because you’ve already started the elimination diet. That’s a ton of progress!

Now you’ve started working on your gut, let’s get going on fixing up your liver to amp up that detoxifying magic. Because if your hormones are out of whack, it’s very likely that your liver is involved.

So how will we love up that liver? Cliff Notes version: we’ll begin reducing your toxic load and start introducing nutrients to help your liver do an awesome job at cleaning out all the nasties.

This week, you’ll get:

Week 6

Week 6

Stress Hacks in the Age of Chronic Overstimulation

We’re nearly there! While your gut and liver are still being detoxed, let’s get your stress levels under control. 

Changing the way you deal with the stressors in your life, external and internal, past and present, is key to keeping your periods on track. Why? 

Because stress has an overwhelming impact on your entire endocrine system. When we experience an emotionally stressful event, it elicits the same physical response (i.e., a flood of cortisol) as an attacking lion elicited in our ancestors. The effect of this then trickles down and knocks your other hormones out of whack, and your reproductive system takes a hit. 

You’ll be learning about the different types of stress and why your body responds to stress in the way it does. 

You’ll also:

Week 7

Week 7

Support Your Thyroid for Healthier Periods

Yay! You’ve made it to the last week of the Fix Your Period modules, congrats! Supporting your thyroid will put the finishing touches on all the amazing stuff you’ve achieved so far. 

Because your thyroid is connected to everything else and calls a lot of the shots in your body, we need to give it some serious VIP pampering. The good news is that while you’ve been following the Fix Your Period Protocol over the last few weeks, you’ve already made many of the changes needed to get your thyroid and cycle into great shape. 

So for this week, you’ll do some testing! And you’ll still be getting extra support from me as you near the end of your elimination diet. 

So you’ll be getting:

Week 8

Week 8


Your commitment to the program has been incredible. Treat yourself to an at-home pamper session, you’ve earned it!

You’ll be reflecting on where you were at the start of the program, and where you are now: which symptoms have improved (or disappeared!) and which areas need more attention going forward. 

We’ll start wrapping up your elimination diet with guidance from me on how to do this. 

And we’ll cover next steps to carry on supporting your hormones and menstrual health (including testing options for specific conditions). You’ll also get answers to all your final, burning questions. 

Amazing job, you should be feeling so proud of yourself right now!

Bonus 1

Get extra support with a private Facebook sisterhood

Because period-fixing heroines shouldn’t have to go it alone! We’ve set up a safe space specially for this program so you can pop in to:

And to add to the Solidarity Sister vibes we’ve got going on here:

What I love about Nicole’s program is the way she has set it up – it becomes naturally a part of your daily life without getting overwhelming. Every week you get great information and practical tips that you can start implementing right away. By the end of the course you’ll be surprised how many positive changes you’ve made over such a short period of time. The best part is that you’ll feel so much better in your skin and you’ll learn to listen to your body. And yes, you will fall madly in love with yourself! Also, having Nicole holding your hand and being there for you with her knowledge and expertise makes such a big difference. Oh, and as a bonus you have access to the most amazing private FB community of lovely ladies! So, overall this journey has been very empowering as a woman. The best part of it – you can keep the changes and the ladies in your life! 🙂
Helina M.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bonus 2

Stay inspired with the Meal Planning For Your Menstrual Cycle Workshop + Fix Your Period Recipe Book

I know switching up your eating habits can be hard. So I’m giving you these goodies to get you out of that “don’t know what to cook” rut. 

The Meal Planning workshop is run by myself and my friend Heather (the recipe creator for all my programs and book), and aims to help you prepare a few days’ worth of yummy, hormone supporting foods in just 90 minutes. We’ll give you 3 delicious recipes, and prep 2 of them during the workshop so you can cook along with us! You’ll also get a bunch of hacks to cut down meal prep times – making it much easier to stick with your new food habits. 

The Fix Your Period recipe ebook is 60 pages packed full of hormone-friendly, tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because to balance out your hormones, you don’t need to deprive yourself of yummy food. There are no “rabbit food” recipes anywhere in this book, promise.

Bonus 3

Keep on track with the Fix Your Period Study Guide

You’ll get this 77-page step-by-step study guide (seriously though, isn’t that design a beaut?) so you can stay focused on your homework each week. And it comes with ready-to-fill-in PDF trackers so you’ll feel like an absolute Queen of Productivity.

Fast Action Gift Bonus

For the ladies who are quickest off the mark. If you’re one of the first 10 people to enroll, you’ll get a signed copy of my new book, Fix Your Period

The weekly teaching modules and the Study Guide follow the chapters in this book. So each week when we start a new step, you can refer to the relevant chapter in the book and complete your Study Guide alongside it. 

VIP Bonus

Get Early Access! (expires in 24-hrs!)

For the ladies who just want to get going already on their hormone-balancing journeys. If you’re keen to get a head-start on the program before it officially begins and join a VIP group coaching Zoom session…sign up before midnight EST May 8th. 

The session will be 45-mins long and we’ll get you moving on things you can start doing right now to move the needle on your worst symptoms. I’ll also be answering all of your questions. By the time the program begins, you’ll have already started tracking your menstrual cycle. 

You’ll also get a recording of this coaching session so you can go back to it as often as you like!

These lovely ladies went through the program, did the work and achieved incredible results:

Where do I even begin…the last 3-4 years I have been struggling with fatigue, mood swings, irritability, loss of interest to do things, no libido, body aches, bloating, etc. Of course, when seeking medical attention, I was told to go on anti-depressants/anxiety medication. A year and a half ago I went off birth control, and things only got worse. Mood swings became very intense, I had irregular or no periods, was not ovulating, migraines, I had gained almost 10lbs., terrible brain fog or unable to concentrate, etc.

I then enrolled in Nicole’s Fix Your Period Program; this was the most life changing decision I have ever made! Through the program, I have learned endless and priceless information that has been completely life changing for me. I have a lot of background and experience in nutrition and exercise, but none of this even came close to what I learned about the damage I was doing to my body from the level of stress in my life.

I AM ME AGAIN! And it’s all contributed to the education, information, inspiration, and empowerment Nicole has provided in her programs. To me, Nicole is a lifesaver and angel! I will forever be grateful to how she has helped make my life mine again! With the most gratitude, thank you from the bottom of my heart Nicole, you truly have changed my life!"
Desiree P
Maple Grove, Minnesota
I started seeing Nicole because I struggle with PCOS and secondary infertility. I had very irregular periods and a whole host of other PCOS symptoms. Through working with Nicole, I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about how to eat right for my body based on my hormonal needs. It is a different approach to nutrition specifically designed and catered for a woman.

Her methods go outside the box and are so far from and better than your typical “eat right” fads. I would recommend her program to anyone for any reason. The program primed my body to do what I was hoping for… I am now pregnant with twins and I could not be more thrilled. This time around, keeping up with what I learned from Nicole, I am having an easier and healthier pregnancy and remembering to take care of myself.

It is not just about fixing your period, Nicole and the program are so much bigger than that. Nicole Rocks!"

Update: Jordana went on to have healthy twins! 🙂
Jordana S, Attorney
Boca Raton, Florida


“Feel a Difference within 21 Days” Guarantee

I’ll feel a difference within 21 days, Nicole? That doesn’t sound legit.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m NOT claiming this is some kind of magic formula. Although I’ve designed Fix Your Period to help you move the needle on your health straight away... it is still a journey, one you’ll be following long after the program has finished.

When talking to past students about their experiences at the start of the training, these were the responses that kept coming up:

I’m super confident that you’ll also see amazing results if you do the work.


Here’s my pinky promise to you:

The “trial” timeframe for my programs is normally 14 days. But for Fix Your Period Live, I’m giving you an extra week to test-drive the training. So 21 days to decide if you will stick with it. 

Here’s the deal:

Go through the first 3 weeks of the program…

Do the work (Visioning Exercise in week 0, Cycle and Fertility Tracking in week 1, and changing up your meals in week 2)…

Make the most of your access to live support and coaching…

And if after all that, you don’t see any progress with your health and symptoms…

Then I don’t deserve your money. 

In which case, drop an email to support@nicolejardim.com within 21 days of the program start date telling me why you felt the training wasn’t right for you, and I’ll refund your payment in full. 

Check out what these Periodistas achieved during the first few weeks of Fix Your Period

Super sensible questions your fellow period warriors also asked before joining

I know that it’s hard to know for sure who deserves your money, ideally before you hand them any money. The majority of past students have said the program was worth every penny, and they said that about the self-study version. So they had no live coaching or support from me while working through the training. I’ve included as many testimonials from my Fix Your Period graduates here, to show you what they achieved with the program. If you skimmed over them, I encourage you to take a second look!

The other way to look at whether the coaching is worth the investment is by weighing it against the potential costs if you carry on looking for a solution. Having to pay for tests to figure out what’s really going on and the cost of medication to cope with symptoms. For example, one of my graduates was about to pay a lot of money for IVF which she thankfully no longer needed once doing the program (her story is included on this page).

That being said, I don’t want you to feel an ounce of buyer’s remorse. That’s why I’m giving you more time to try out the training and decide if it’s right for you. You’ll have 21 days instead of my usual 14. And you’ll get a full refund if you’re not thrilled with your progress.

I’ve also done what I can to keep this as affordable as possible, to make the program accessible to every woman who really needs it. More on that shortly.
I totally get it.

That’s why I’ve designed this program to be tailored to your unique body (none of this one-size-fits-all BS). Because no two women are exactly the same, so they shouldn’t be treated as though they are. This is why the common solutions offered by doctors fall short. In the program, you’ll be tracking your menstrual cycle. You’ll be doing an elimination diet to see what’s bad for your body. You’ll be testing your blood sugar levels. You’ll be figuring out how your body handles stress and your personal limit. And you’ll be testing your thyroid. It isn’t a cookie-cutter protocol. You’ll be able to see where your body is at and then decide what’s right for your health, with my advice to help you.

Trust me – taking your unique physiology into account and getting in sync with your body’s needs is what will get you the results you want.

Nope. This program is like the middle ground between traditional medicine and woo-woo methods. You still get all the science and hard facts about how your body works. But the approach to fixing the problem is holistic and natural, with an overall aim to fix the root cause.

Western medicine, on the other hand, tends to focus on dealing with the immediate symptoms (usually by masking them with medication or synthetic hormones,) instead of putting together a full health picture and connecting the dots.

I get where you’re coming from. Well, the first thing is that free resources don’t come with live teaching and personalized support from a Certified Women’s Health Coach 😉

Piecing together things you find all over the internet is not the most streamlined method for balancing your hormones. You could try something for a few days… and then find something else to try. It’s chaotic with no set system in place that you can follow.

The Fix Your Period program is methodical and builds momentum, working steadily through areas of your health over the 8 weeks. Each week’s work builds on the previous week. There’s a very good reason I advise you not to skip a step (it’s not a random power trip). Your brain and endocrine glands talk to each other via hormones, and we’ll be reopening those channels of communication week by week.

Also, I’ve been referred to as a “big sister” many times over the years and my students say they feel like they can open up and talk to me about anything. That’s a level of support you’d struggle to get from a blog post or free ebook. 

Not at all. When people ask me what it is I do, I say that I empower women to reclaim their hormonal health using an evidence-based method that combines simplicity and sass. It’s all broken down in a way that’s super easy to understand. There are testimonials on here that can back me up on that! Don’t forget, I’ll be there every step of the way to answer your questions.

Great question, and it’s one I wrestled with when deciding whether I should go ahead with this program. 

So I reached out to the ladies in my Facebook group to ask them if the Covid-19 situation is affecting their periods in a negative way. A lot of them replied saying the stress of it all has taken a huge toll on their cycles. 

So I realized 2 things:

1) It’s a good idea to have something productive and positive to focus on while this is happening, because it’s way too easy to get sucked into the depressing news articles. One of the common themes in the feedback I got was that women are finding they have more time to focus on themselves at the moment, with lockdowns in place. So why not put that extra time to good use by giving your hormonal health a makeover? It’s already on your list of to-dos and here’s the chance to do it now.

2) Because the stress is putting a huge strain on our cycles, it’s even more pressing that we address the problem and get it under control now, before it spirals. 

Certainly! You get:

– An exclusive opportunity to access live coaching and support – something that won’t be offered with this training EVER again

– A 1-hour Zoom call with me every week for 8 weeks

– Lifetime access to the replay recordings and all the resources included 

– Extra teaching from surprise guest experts  

– 7 value-packed modules following the proven Fix Your Period Protocol

Bonus #1: Private FB sisterhood group

Bonus #2: Meal Planning Workshop + Recipe Book

Bonus #3: A 77-page Fix Your Period Study Guide

Fast Action Gift Bonus: first 10 people to enroll get a signed copy of Fix Your Period

VIP Early Access Bonus (expires midnight EST, 8th May): Group coaching session before the program opens, to give you a headstart


Fix Your Period LIVE

Exclusive opportunity to get live coaching and support

A proven, natural protocol to kickstart hormonal balance and achieve healthier periods in 8 weeks

Fix Your Period LIVE




for 6 months

You’ll get a welcome email with everything you need to start Fix Your Period Live, immediately after signing-up

The first payment will be taken today.
Pay-in-full option also available.

“Feel a Difference within 21 Days” Guarantee. See an improvement in symptoms or your money back.

“Hey Nicole, I just wanted to email you and tell you how impressed and thankful I am to you! I was really hesitant to do this, because you know how these things can be, you spend $500 and then after think, “I could have bought a book and got the same info”, but that is NOT the case with your course. So far, I have found it very well rounded and easy to grasp. My mom says I should have done this ages ago.


Joanna J.
Charleston, South Carolina
“If you have a period, you MUST take this course. You really only need a vagina! Much of the information is valuable for a woman in various stages of her hormonal career. This is one of the best online courses for women. No woman is left behind whether her symptoms are derived from food, emotions, toxins or most probably, a combination of everything. I walked away from the class armed with great information and resources, tasty and healthy recipes, a cleaner body and new friendships. You won’t believe the magic that happens when women come together to talk about their period! Who knew our period could be so much fun?”
Stephanie S
Omaha, NE

You’re ready to transform your hormones and menstrual health inside Fix Your Period Live if...


You’re just starting out with this whole holistic healing thing and don’t want to try a ton of treatments and end up disappointed. You want to make sure you choose the right method on the first try: a method that’s comprehensive, personalized to your body’s unique needs, and has plenty of success stories to back it up.


You’ve been trying to fix your awful period symptoms for too long now and you feel like you’ll be living with this forever. You’re so over your cycle screwing up your life and you want a proven, straightforward protocol that will actually get to the bottom of the problem and take care of it…instead of being spoon-fed a symptom-masking cocktail of hormonal birth control and medication.


You’re beyond done waiting around for someone else to take your symptoms seriously. They don’t have to live it – but you do. Now you’re ready to take back your power, and get up to speed with all the facts about your health that you were never given. And you’re looking forward to becoming your own Health Advocate –  with unshakable confidence in the choices you make for your body.


You’re already investing a ton of time into researching different solutions. Lining up and comparing options to find the right one for you. You’re already starting to become Your Own Health Advocate/Period Expert, just by researching what you can do for yourself . Your pro-activeness and persistence will take you so far in Fix Your Period Live, trust me on that.


There’s always that “what if this gets worse?” fear at the back of your mind. And you’re really not willing to play the “watch and wait” game with something this important (and you shouldn’t have to). You’re ready to take control of this situation right now.


You’re excited to see what Fix Your Period Live will help you achieve over the next 8 weeks. Even if you’ve already tried a load of solutions that haven’t worked, you’ve still got that hopeful “what if this is it?” flutter in your stomach. You’ve seen the life-changing achievements of others who’ve done this program, and you’re pumped at the thought that by this time tomorrow, you’ll be on the exact same journey that they took. What will your life-changing achievements look like?


You’re feeling pumped to take on the no-risk 21-day challenge:

  • Do the first 3 modules
  • Complete the tasks for each module
  • Squeeze everything you can out of the live coaching

And if you don’t see any progress with your health and symptoms, then you’ll get a full refund. There’s zero risk in taking the leap and seeing what you can achieve in those 3 weeks.

If you said “hell yeah!” to at least 4 of the items in that list, then you owe it to yourself to jump in and see what happens. Risk-free. (You got this!).


Fix Your Period LIVE

Exclusive opportunity to get live coaching and support

A proven, natural protocol to kickstart hormonal balance and achieve healthier periods in 8 weeks

Fix Your Period LIVE




for 6 months

You’ll get a welcome email with everything you need to start Fix Your Period Live, immediately after signing-up

The first payment will be taken today.
Pay-in-full option also available.

“Feel a Difference within 21 Days” Guarantee. See an improvement in symptoms or your money back.

I’ve been suffering with PCOS and painful heavy periods for about 4 years. I’ve researched and tried a lot of different things in an effort to relieve the symptoms. About a year ago I decided to get really serious and try the natural approach and deal with my body as a whole and through the laws of attraction I connected with Nicole. This chick is awesome. She helped me to really pinpoint what I should eliminate from my diet and what I should include in it. She also helped me to appreciate that although I may be taking appropriate supplements and botanicals that if I’m not taking the right amount I wouldn’t see the results I was aiming for. Nicole has so much information to share, but it’s more than information – she genuinely has a caring spirit that shines through in her assistance to women. Although I’m still learning because of all the knowledge that Nicole has imparted, all my friends think I’m some sort of period genius now. *smile* As far as testimony there is so much to be said. I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this ongoing journey. Update: Sharna got pregnant naturally and recently had a healthy baby boy.
Sharna O. | Student
Baltimore, MD
I’ve just loved this course! So much information but relayed in a really easy, fun manner. A great balance of theoretical and practical advice. Most of all, it’s clarified how food and the environment impacts my hormonal health – there is so much contradictory information out there which can be very overwhelming, and I feel like this course has clarified a lot for me – like the last jigsaw piece completing the complicated puzzle….thank you Nicole!

The program has really helped me make sense of how I need to eat, not just for my hormonal health, but for my overall health. I feel more confident knowing which foods to eat when I’m going to a restaurant or shopping at the supermarket, and which lifestyle choices are best for my body. But most of all, since implementing the program, I’ve got heaps more energy, my tummy troubles have diminished and my thyroid autoimmune issues are almost in remission. I think that all speaks for itself!!

Maria V.
Brisbane, Australia
"Nicole happened to me right when I was journeying through a very difficult time in my life. I was overweight, my face was full of acne, and I was suffering from iron deficiency anemia, acid-reflux, and heavy, painful, and irregular periods. She patiently answered my zillion queries about my ailments and provided solutions that actually worked and which did not involve taking pills with a thousand side effects.

She checked on me every week, listened to my problems like a shrink, and offered solutions like a true dietitian and a personal trainer! How awesome is that? I found a shrink, dietitian, personal trainer, and a friend by joining just one program! Sweet indeed.

Thanks to Nicole I finally made those lifestyle changes and within a month saw the promised results! I am losing weight, my acne has subsided, my sugar cravings are down, my period is lighter and less painful, and my acid reflux is almost gone. I feel beautiful and I am now in control of my own body and that is an awesome feeling"
Dee B, College Professor
Queens, NY
"Hi Ladies- I just want to give a SHOUT-OUT to this program. When I started this program 4 months ago, my skin (moderate to occasionally severe acne) was so bad that I wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving the house without a face-full of makeup. My jawline and chin were covered with painful cysts; needless to say, I felt extremely insecure. I’m an actor and I had been desperately in need of new headshots, but felt waaaaaaay too insecure and unattractive to get them done. OH MY GOODNESS, how things have changed.

THE GOOD NEWS: Yesterday I finally got my headshots done. And GUESS what the FIRST thing my make-up artist says to me: “OMG Your skin is FLAWLESS!” FLAWLESS! I had to do a double-take. I looked in the mirror in front me, and completely make-up free, baby-faced, my skin looked lovely. This is probably the best my skin has looked since my pre-teen years, and my skin used to be pretty okay.

Thank you Nicole Jardim for this program and for all your support, and for anyone still struggling, I hope this gives you some hope!"
Rachel W. | Actress
Los Angeles, CA

Fix Your Period LIVE

Exclusive opportunity to get live coaching and support

A proven, natural protocol to kickstart hormonal balance and achieve healthier periods in 8 weeks

Fix Your Period LIVE




for 6 months

You’ll get a welcome email with everything you need to start Fix Your Period Live, immediately after signing-up

The first payment will be taken today.
Pay-in-full option also available.

“Feel a Difference within 21 Days” Guarantee. See an improvement in symptoms or your money back.

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